Advantage24 offers a wide range of Virtual and Dedicated Servers fully supported by our certified partner network.
Business Expertise
Regional Knowledge
Competitive Pricing
Reliable & Secure


You want to establish or move your servers to a reliable cloud environment in the Asia Pacific region and maintain low operational costs with high availability.
Advantage24 has certified partners in major Asian capitals, who can meet your unique business requirements, with Advantage24 providing the highly reliable and flexible infrastructure at the back end.
You don't speak the local language?
Advantage24 certified partners offer specialized IaaS for global customers and are highly experienced with linguistic and cultural support in each business region.
You need the guarantee of uninterrupted service?
All Advantage24 certified partners are backed and supported by Advantage24 Enterprise Infrastructure and SLA. Each have been trained to maximize the quality of service they offer you.
You need a scalable infrastructure so you can start small on a budget, and expand instantly for your special business events or as your business grows?
Advantage24 technology allows you to easily scale up and down instantly according to your business requirements. Our pricing allows our partners to offer you the most competitive pricing and the highest quality in the global market.
You want to reduce your IT cost by repurposing your staff from server procurement, installation, operations and equipment repair ?
Advantage24 certified partners offer centralized and comprehensive infrastructure management services, so you can focus on what you do the best - your core business. You can achieve improved reliability, better performance and higher flexibility, with significantly lower cost than managing and operating equipment with your own staff.
Your proposals are easier to get approved
By working with Advantage24 you will find there is no need for large upfront capital purchases, no long term commitments, and your systems are easily upgradable.


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